Log of Changes to www.cattarin.com

08 Jun 07:  Added new tree generated by Legacy software as a test.  This has a number of database updates but is not yet updated with all data I have accumulated.  The new web pages are a big improvement but unfortunately I still have an accepted character problem to fix.

01 Aug 06: Replaced legacy historical photo section with redesigned version.  Hope to add many more photos soon. 

01 Aug 06:  Added links to "about tree" with default page until this is built.

28 Jul 06: Revamped site, updated database, fixed email address, etc.

02 Sep 02: New WPI Logo!

02 Sep 02: After a long drought, we’re back. Finally fixed the family photo album after many server problems, etc.

04 Mar 02: Updated email address. Sorry I’ve been delinquent in other site updates! Coming soon…

06 Dec 01: Added many, many new historical photos.

05 Nov 01: Added new modern color maps of the Treviso, Italy area – thanks to Patrick Hayes / Regina Maria Cattarin

05 Nov 01: Added new portal page to the photo album to test out new multi-lingual banner interface

05 Nov 01: Added portal page to photo album and coded robots.txt to prevent indexing of the basement archives

05 Nov 01: Fixed link to the family photo album that the BUMS at AT&T broke. (AT&T stinks!)

16 Oct 01: Lots of photos added to the family photo album – Feb-Jun 2001

24 Sep 01: Added a link to the Cattarin family tree at www.breda-di-piave.it

24 Sep 01: Posted remainder of 2001 reunion photos. Reworked photo album structure.

24 Sep 01: Added hit counter. Cosmetic updates to front page.

08 Sep 01: Set up basis for family personal photo album on remote site

08 Sep 01: Placed link on .com page, currently on AT&T, pointing to the test .org domain

08 Sep 01: Installed link to family (personal) photo album on the test domain, album stored remotely

08 Sep 01: Installed new frame-based households listing on the .org test domain

08 Sep 01: Re-vamped pages for the WPI hosting site, installed on the .org test domain

07 Sep 01: Modified flags on front page to hopefully work with Netscape and other non-IE browsers.

04 Sep 01: Set up test domain www.cattarin.org aimed at my new hosting site at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Thanks, Chuck!)

30 Aug 01: Added map of Lovadina area, link off history page.

30 Aug 01: Added photo 0010. Minor reformatting of photo pages.

25 Aug 01: Ran new familty tree database run with newer software (Ged4Web 2.78). Corrects accented characters, adds Italian interface. BUT I’m out of space at the current hosting site so the new database is accessible via a link to a remote site. No guarantees on uptime performance.

23 Aug 01: Finally indexed everyone in the 1995 Ohio reunion. Revamped the historical photo index page, too.

15 Aug 01: Finally identified everyone in the 1995 Ohio reunion – just in time to get the 2001 reunion posted shortly!

15 Aug 01: New navigation icons on the photo pages, cleaned up fonts, etc.

15 Aug 01: Migrated to new home page.

08 Aug 01: Re-hosted to http://people.ne.mediaone.net/cattarin

07 Aug 01: AT&T Broadband shut off access due to Code Red with no warning. Down 2 days.

06 Aug 01: New Home Page introduced in test mode! Added a link on the existing home page to the new home page. This is my first page composed using FrontPage, Netscape users especially need to test this!

06 Aug 01: Notes added to Family History Main page.

22 Jul 01: Turned many pages into a pleasing blue hue….

22 Jul 01: Started to label the 1995 reunion photo – much identification still needed!

22 Jul 01: Added a link to Alain Cattarin’s www.cattarin.net site in France.

22 Jul 01: Added and indexed photo 0008, Langon France family portrait 1936, thanks to Alain Cattarin for this contribution.

22 Jul 01: General clean up stuff….

14 Jun 01: Added one family photo of us on the home page for any Buffalo Cattarins responding to my mailing!

26 Apr 01: Added photos 0003-0007, enhanced indexing

25 Apr 01: Started Historical Photos section. Photo index added, photos 0001-0002 added.

03 Apr 01: Primary E-mail contact address modified to cattarin@mediaone.net

03 Apr 01: Added this Change Log.


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