Treviso / Lovadina / Breda di Piave area of Northern Italy

Where most known trees of the Cattarin family originate

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This is a modern map of the area of Northern Italy where the Cattarin family originates, and which is home to the largest concentration of Cattarins.   Treviso is about 25 km (15 miles) north of Venice.  My chain of the family traces back to Lovadina (north of Treviso, just west of the motorway).  Other arms of the family trace back to Breda di Piave (northeast of Treviso, southeast of Lovadina) and Pero (south-southeast of Breda).

Notice that diagonal road, running very straight just north of Treviso and crossing the Piave River.  This was built as a highway by the Romans to provide for rapid relocation of centurions throughout the empire.

You can retrieve a larger regional map like this one by clicking here.  Be warned!  It is a large file that it is over 2 Mb.