Cattarin Family History



I am attempting to piece together the entire story of the Cattarin family.  While there is probably someone in Italy who knows everything, my knowledge is limited.  By putting this information on the Web, I hope to locate that person!  Please contact me!

 All of this is here thanks to my great Uncle Joe (Guiseppe Ernesto Cattarin, b. 1906 Lovadina) who did most of the work recording the history of my tree, and who unsuspectingly got me hooked on this history project.

 General Family History

To my knowledge, we all originally come from the same area of Italy near Treviso and the Piave River, primarily from the towns of Breda di Piave, Pero, and Lovadina.  According to sketchy information passed on to me by Uncle Joe, the clan originated in an area of eastern Gaul and migrated to northern Italy, along with several other clans, leading to the unique situation of having no vowel at the end of our name.  I have no information about where in Gaul the clan came from, or when they migrated.  There is also a sketchy story that the name originated from something meaning “corner,” though we (Uncle Joe and I) have no idea what this means – the corner of what?

Cattarin Family Trees

I know of several chains of Cattarins that I have not yet been able to connect to each other.  Until I learn of information that will connect these chains, or trees, I have adopted arbitrary names for each distinct tree.  These names are completely of my own invention and have no official meaning whatsoever.  I use them simply for convenience.  I will gladly add, delete, or change tree names as I learn more of how we are all connected.

Here are the trees I know of, referred to by names of my own invention.  Note that I provide reference individuals for each tree so that you can find your way into that tree on the tree database pages.

  1. Ohio Tree:  This is the tree that I belong to.  My chain comes out of Lovadina, Italy.  I call it the Ohio Tree since the bulk of its descendants live in Ohio, USA.  My Uncle Joe did most of the work recording the history of this tree.  Information came from Joe’s parents’ best recollection – we don’t have official records on the older portion.  The top of the tree is Giovanni Cattarin.  He had three known sons, one (Luigi) supposedly born in 1820, so Giovanni was probably born in the late 1700s.  This arm of the family migrated to the USA in 1913 via Ellis Island.  Reference:  Gary Michael Cattarin
  2. San Mateo Tree:  I call this the San Mateo Tree after Joseph Mario Cattarin and Gianna (Fadelli) Cattarin of San Mateo, California, USA, from whom I received information about this tree.  The top of the tree is Lorenzo Cattarin, born about 1854 between Breda and Piave, Italy.  Reference:  Joseph Mario Cattarin
  3. Buffalo Tree:  There is a large concentration of Cattarins in the Buffalo, New York, USA area.  I had some contact with one Cattarin from this tree several years ago, but I do not have updated relationship information on this arm of the family.  The best I have is a listing from 1962 outlining this tree from Anthony Cattarin, born 1890 near Treviso, migrated to the USA 1913.  Details are sketchy – input is requested!  Reference:  Anthony Cattarin
  4. Philadelphia Tree:  I have a small amount of information from Joseph C. Cattarin outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA, thus the name of the tree.  This tree starts with Benjamin (Benjamino) Cattarin, born 1891 near Breda di Piave, Italy, who lived in the Buffalo, New York, USA area.  I have no concrete information to link this tree to the Buffalo tree, but it seems likely.  Also, Gianna Cattarin (see San Mateo tree) indicates that Benjamino is a cousin of Antonia Carlo of the San Mateo tree, but I do not know the exact connection.  Reference:  Benjamin (Benjamino) Cattarin
  5. Langon Tree:  Information on this tree comes from Alain Cattarin of Langon, France (near Bordeaux).  This tree begins with Pietro Cattarin, born in the early 1800’s, probably in Bread di Piave, Italy.  (Subsequent generations through 1925 were born in Breda di Piave, so it seems likely that Pietro was, also).  There is a possible though unconfirmed link to the San Mateo tree around 1850.  Reference:  Alain Edgar Denis Cattarin


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